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To ensure delivery of the best quality product, the process commences right from the beginning i.e. material used. All materials are imported from a variety of sources from Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Australia, etc. The imported plates are subjected to quality test before fabrication under the supervision of the QC Dept of NDESSL at the Factory end. World class fabrication is guaranteed right through the cutting, fitting, welding, shot blasting and painting using best machines available in the PEB industry.

A host of CNC based Auto and Semi Automatic machines are used for cutting and fabrication. The welding quality is not only due to the following of the AWS Code but also due to the use of MIG machines as well as SAW Machines with welding consumables that are also imported. This quality check is carried out through out the period of fabrication until completion of painting. This ensures a product of the finest quality and the difference is evident when compared.

The delivery of material is done in the most professional manner so as to complement the erection wherein all deliveries are coordinated to ensure that all erect-able material are delivered in line with the progress of erection. To achieve this end a very qualified team of engineers are placed at the Factory. The team includes engineers in planning, production, quality control and maintenance.

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